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I like Breath of Fire 2, and I have too much time on my hands.  Therefore, I'm making this to help everyone else who likes Breath of Fire 2.  Guess that explains enough.

Established 12/21/98
This site has had visitors since 12/22/98
Last Updated:  02/21/01

What's been added: I've simply changed the link to Hiryuu/Drag's MB.  Good day.

Character section -- major shaman combos are described here.

Stats and Status Ailments

Walkthrough section (includes Boss Guide and Save Files)  Note:  Any "secrets," like Flying Township and Maniro sites, are in this.  

Town Ship's residents

Recipes -- Wise Balls, and other nifty things

Item list

Special Weapons list

Special Armor list

Attack magic

Defensive/Curative magic


Two Special Islands


Having trouble with your BoF2 ROM?

Explanation of that jewel

Ben Siron's manual (382 K Text File) -- in-depth explanation of how the battle system works, all there is to know about the monsters, etc.

The Monster List (87 K Text File) -- excerpted from Ben's manual, with his permission.  It is the combination of the "Spoils of War" & "Know Your Enemy" sections.

Ben Siron's map

Additional Walkthroughs  -- Includes  FF3/6j, BoF1 & 3, Terranigma, and my own Chrono Trigger walkthrough.



Hiryuu's page -- Hiryuu is my partner in crime in this endeavor, and is the source of some of the material on this site.  Check out his site when you're done here!

Hiryuu's Message Board -- Both Hiryuu and myself check on this thing practically daily; if you have a question that isn't covered in this site, post it here.  Questions for the first BoF, PokéMon, the Final Fantasy series, and the Seiken Densetsu series (Final Fantasy Adventure, Secret of Mana, SD3) can also be fielded here.



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